1. What is your art is about?
It's all personal and introspective. It's the way I express my thoughts.
2. Why does your art exist?
It was a natural progression, but I took it seriously because I wanted to leave something when I'm gone.
3. How did your art come into being?
Personal deadlines. 
4. What happens when your inspired?
It's the best feeling in the world, but I think it through and sleep on it. The idea that is and if I don't forget about it I'll bring it to form. 
5. Where do you find inspiration? 
Anywhere, anytime and in anything. 
6. What's your creative process?
I consume as much information as possible about an idea I have and then I set a deadline for when I should create it. 
7. What do you think about while you work?
8. How do you start?
When I push the deadline to the limit I like to isolate myself as I create and then record the process. 
9. How do you proceed?
I try to become totally present in the moment and then transfer my energy into the work. 
10. How do you know you're done?
I just know.